MSHK Media are a leading educational based publishers of school manuals, brochures, handbooks, and reference guidebooks for many of the leading national,provincial,municipal and privately owned middle and secondary schools in China, which are given to all students as a guide as well as being held in libraries, school clubs etc.We also publish teacher learning manuals and have also recently launched a new reference guidebook for senior students who are considering International graduate positions and placements for study at overseas International universities.

Based in the China region since 2002, we are an established experienced publisher for producing high quality publications which consist of A4 format, semi hard front and back covers produced using excellent high quality paper, which has a long term usage avoiding wear and tear from our innovative printing process. Our reference books consist of articles and editorial from leading associations, lecturers, Government organisations and educational experts from China as well as worldwide depending on the book project. We have to date printed over one million books for the educational sector in China which is seen and read by the majority of junior and secondary school students in China.