MSHK Media have now for over 15 years currently publish reference books, school brochures, manuals and handbooks for junior and secondary schools in China for both public and private schools. Our handbooks serve a variety of purposes of which they communicate the ethos of the school and provide a welcome for parents to the school, they also help parents to choose a school, prepare their child for school and act as a reference tool while their child is at the school.

Key points covered in school handbooks

  • The handbook sets out the requirements that must be satisfied for a student to be eligible for course completion or graduation.
  • The handbook is the official statement of courses available for study at the school, Providing the guidelines for guidance and regulations.
  • Helps parents understand a child's learning journey and in doing so encourages parental involvement in the school and helps parents support their children.
  • Describe provision available at the school and detailing options for how a parent can communicate with the school and how the school communicates with parents.
  • Provides an opportunity to communicate how the school seeks and takes account of parental views on the education it provides and how it involves parents and pupils in evaluating the school's performance.
  • Provides the opportunity to set out the school's approach to face-to-face communication and manage parents' expectations.