International Guidebooks

Our International education reference guidebooks will be published twice annually and will be an official source for Chinese students considering overseas  enrolment to study abroad. These guidebook will offer our student readers a selection choice of leading overseas educational institutions offering outstanding levels of education for International student recruitment from China.The guidebooks will also include articles from leading International educational associations, Government tourism promotional departments and independent professors and lecturers , Consisting of specific country profile chapters, educational sector profiles and case reports etc.The publication will be distributed free of charge to school students and families who have already registered for their free copy.

Key points for the International guidebook series for China student readers

  • Printed in English & Mandarin Chinese and running to 250 pages per publication title issue.
  • Limited positions to 50 promotional advertisers per publication title issue
  • Editorial and articles from educational associations, universities and tourism authorities.
  • Chapter country profiles and contents positions for overseas institutions.
  • Circulated by courier and audited by the Audit Bureau Circulation China monitored by MSHK.
  • Special issue editions for popular study destinations.
  • All student readers have good command of English language.
  • A4 format publication with semi hard front & back cover, high quality design and production.
  • Promotional advertising positions for leading overseas schools,colleges or universities.

To submit your interest in a promotional profile position, please click HERE for further information.