Publish with MSHK Media.

MSHK Media is an independent publisher with expertise in documental reference books for the educational sector taking place in China.

We are a highly experienced professional publishing company and can provide you with access to leading associations, scholars, lecturers, educational Institutions and experts for the educational sector concerning trends and developments taking place in China as well as Internationally. 

MSHK Media produces valuable reference books for Companies involved in the educational sector including universities, junior or secondary high schools, elementary primary schools, language schools ,corporate customers or government educational organisations etc.

With our combined expertise and knowledge, we are pleased to offer you

  • Leading editors who will provide editorial content and guidance throughout the publishing process.
  • International sales and marketing guidance from our team with the assistance of our Worldwide and China partner companies.
  • Circulation and distribution of your publication from regulated authorities such as the Audit Bureau of Circulation in China or Internationally.
  • Specific book design and quick completion of content using the latest production machinery.

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